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The Florida Cracker XL

This is our new Florida Cracker XL. It is designed for extra long life in commercial environments where a high volume of oyster shucking demands the toughest hardware.

Our original Florida Cracker is built tough. It is the number one shucking tool in the nation. All of the top rated seafood restaurants are currently using it and giving rave revues on it. Safety and ease of use were thoroughly considered in the design.

The XL is even tougher! We designed the entire unit using cast aluminum, so little to no maintenance is required to keep the tool shucking for an extended number of years.

The difference is that the original Florida Cracker is made from extruded anodized aluminum held together with 14 all stainless bolts. It requires periodic tightening of the bolts to keep it functioning at its' optimal level. The XL model has eliminated all but four of the bolts so less tightening is needed. In commercial environments, after shucking thousands of oysters, the original Florida Cracker has shown to last 5 to7 years. That is a pretty rugged tool. However, the lifetime of the new Florida Cracker XL is double that and most important little to no maintenance. The Florida Cracker XL is a heavier tool with solid thicker towers, supporting a thicker cross bar and heavier base to take a pounding and keep working for many more years in your commercial kitchens.

Both of these models are exceptional tools. They operate the exact same way. Both crack claws and shuck oysters. The XL is priced slightly higher in return for the extra life it gives in addition to less maintenance which is critical in a busy kitchen.

The price is $320.00 . S&P is $25.00 within the U.S. for UPS ground service. Call for special shipping or international.

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International customers must contact webbskip@hotmail.com to place an order.

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