Florida Cracker

Florida Cracker XL

EZ Cracker


Our family owned business has been in operation since 1992. All of our tools are designed to be safe and easy to use. The Florida Cracker is the most durable and efficient oyster shucking tool on the market today. It has the combined ability to also crack stone crab claws, king crab and lobster claws. The EZ Cracker is a smaller version without the shucking feature. It also cracks any size claw. With the shucking/cracking tools, there will be no cuts and no more flying crab shells like you get with knives and hammers. Sanitation is easy as they can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Our Texas Tongs are our newest barbeque product. They are a whopping 26 inches LONG and all stainless. These will safely reach further back or across the largest of BBQ grills than any other tong made. This eliminates burns from grilling flare ups. They sell for $34.95 plus S&H. Its' web page is currently under construction so please call for details. Our tools are in homes and restaurants worldwide. Webb’s World produces quality engineered products that we stand behind while giving only professional and courteous service to our customers. We are confident we have the best products on the market and would be happy to serve you.

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